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Rob Florence

An inspirational journey to clown enlightenment with a comprehensive step-by-step training programme to coax the shyest red-nose enthusiast out of the closet. Caroline Dream’s superbly documented 30 years of experience as a performer and trainer is an invaluable source of reference for professionals, hobbyists and teachers. One of the most illuminating and insightful clown development guidebooks that I have read.

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Barnaby King

This book is an immense contribution to the growing field of contemporary clowning, full of invaluable practical resources and clearly articulated theoretical principles. Most importantly this book gives us unprecedented access to Caroline Dream’s three decades of experience as a performer, teacher and director. 

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Rob Torres


This book is packed with invaluable gems for understanding and creating in the art of clowning.

<style=”text-align: justify;”>Rob Torres – Big Apple Circus Clown

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