The clown in you. A guide to contemporary clowning. By Caroline Dream | Clowns Book

The clown in you

by Caroline Dream

The Clown in you is a clowning manual for students, teachers and practitioners.

This clown book contains all kinds of valuable clown knowledge; both practical and theoretical. Within its pages readers will find all the basic principles of clowning, first-hand clowning experiences, tried and tested clown games and exercises, quotes from interviews Caroline held with professional clowns, examples of clown improvisations, and explanations of the clown philosophy underlying all the comic techniques used by clowns. The book thus provides an unprecedented insight into the heart of clowning and throws a fresh light on all the skills, audacity and dedication needed to encounter, encourage and set free one’s clown.

Published by Ediciones Clownplanet
General Editor: Alex Navarro

Language: English
Pages: 236
ISBN-13 : 978-8461696529
Printed by Amazon

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