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The Clown in You is a very useful book for the serious student of clowning (professionals included) as well as for beginners. It is, as the subtitle promises, “contemporary clowning,” aka the “personal clown” or the “clown from the heart.” There is very little on clown gags, no formulas for creating material. It really is about using your own innate joy, silliness and, yes, stupidity, to forge a clown character unique to you. As the old saying goes (no, I don’t know who said it first), clowns characters aren’t created, they are uncovered.
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John Towsen, author of CLOWNS, U.S.A.

Rob Torres review The Clown In you bookThe Clown In You is a book every clown, aspiring or professional, should have in their library. It’s a great resource for helping clowns discover deeper layers of their character and creating powerful material. Caroline Dream has taken on an enormous task researching and writing on the complex topics of the art of clowning and she has done it with great success. This book is packed with invaluable gems for understanding and creating in the art of clowning.
Rob Torres, Clown, Big Apple Circus, U.S.A.

Rob Florence review The Clown In youAn inspirational journey to clown enlightenment with a comprehensive step-by-step training programme to coax the shyest red-nose enthusiast out of the closet. Caroline Dream’s superbly documented 30 years of experience as a performer and trainer is an invaluable source of reference for professionals, hobbyists and teachers. One of the most illuminating and insightful clown development guidebooks that I have read.
Rob Florence, Physical Theatre Teacher at The Arts and Entertainment College, Amsterdam, Holland

Barnaby King review  of the book The Clown In youThis book is an immense contribution to the growing field of contemporary clowning, full of invaluable practical resources and clearly articulated theoretical principles. Most importantly this book gives us unprecedented access to Caroline Dream’s three decades of experience as a performer, teacher and director.
Barnaby King, Clown, Artistic Director of ‘Clown Encuentro Internacional’ (Colombia), and Performance Arts Teacher at Edge Hill University, UK

Hilary Chaplain review  of the book The Clown In youCaroline’s book is a beautifully written treatise on the modern clown. Her years of teaching and performing have given her profound insight into this art form. It’s full of the kind of details and examples that make wonderful reading for both the professional performer and the real beginner. As a teacher and a devisor of my own work, I am always looking for the right words for what this work is – she has done it!
Hilary Chaplain, Clown, Physical Theatre Teacher, U.S.

Aitor Basauri review  of the book The Clown In youIn this book I’ve found fantastic exercises and material which will inspire clowns to play and, most importantly, help keep their idiot present.
Aitor Basauri, Spymonkey, UK

Anton Valen review  of the book The Clown In youCaroline generously offers us her 30 years of clowning experience, disclosing a clown philosophy I fully concur with. I wholeheartedly recommend this book.
Antón Valen, Clown (Cirque du Soleil ‘Alegria’ & ‘Kurios’), Spain

Rodrigo Robleño review  of the book The Clown In youThe Clown In You is a book for us all, clowns and non clowns. It is a learning tool, but at the same time, a tribute to all who love life and art.
Rodrigo Robleño, Clown, Teacher and Director, Brazil

Andrés Aguilar review  of the book The Clown In youThis book is a shortcut to your inner clown, a seductive invitation to joy and freedom, a lodestar for highly effective human development.
Andrés Aguilar, Clown, Trainer and Founder of, Mexico

Ira Seidenstein review  of the book The Clown In youThe Clown in You provides a healthy, and healing dialogue about how to discover ones own clown or way of clowning. Caroline communicates the heart of clown, an ongoing experiment in human nature, in an elegant, enjoyable, and thought provoking way.
Ira Sidenstein, Director of the International School For Acting And Clowning, Australia

Article about The Clown In you book by Pauline, Malabart.comCaroline shares, with great generosity, her knowledge of clowning and clowns; a global, comprehensive and multi-directional knowledge of her art that has allowed her to develop, alongside her husband Alex Navarro, a method of teaching clown that is tender, playful, free, pleasurable and enthralling.
The Clown In You is a bedside table book and a field manual, as it covers both the theoretical and the practical aspects of clowning… The most important thing you learn from this book is that everyone can find their clown. From the moment they lose their fears and accept to play with their ridiculousness, they will discover the comic, and the gift of their own stupidity.
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The Clown In You – An article written by Pauline on Sep 9, 2016 for Malabart ( – a digital circus/theater magazine


A professional clown who learned a lot from this one!
The Clown in you is a great read for all clowns at all levels of experience. Weather you are just learning how to discover your clown or you are a working professional such as myself. You can learn a lot about clown theory from this book. I’m a professional circus clown currently on tour with Ringling bros and Barnum&Bailey circus. I always want to be the best clown I can be. I believe with my whole heart that as a clown you never stop learning. Reading this book has given me more of an understand of why I do some of the things I do when I am clowning. It’s also giving me some very helpful ideas to help me stay true to my character. When you are working the ring with twelve other clowns. It’s very important you know your character and how to stand out. I hope this review was helpful and every clown that buys this book learns as much as I did while reading it. I also hope to see more material put out from this very talented clown and author.
DJ Weiss, Clown at Ringling Bros and Barnum & Nailey Circus – September 10, 2014

I have just finished this book and will re-read it. Very useful discussion on the “why do it” . As a working professional I often question myself on my motivation for this as a career choice. Unfortunately there are teachers holding courses shrouded in mystery leaving the student dazed and confused and I think this manual acts as a very useful coaching aid and a reminder that everyone has to struggle to master their art. As the author states there are no instant cures without hard work but the journey will be easier with positive encouragement.
Johnny Macaulay – Clown – September 20, 2014

“This book will arouse in you a healthy and necessary craving to clown at liberty in your daily life. It’s also full of suggestions on ways to satisfy this desire whilst spontaneously developing your sense of humour.”
Luciano Montero, Psychologist (Pys.D), Author of parental guide books, Spain.

I read “The Clown In You” whilst taking a clown initiation course. It was then a magic door (a compass, a comfort, a guidance, an input) into the vastness that I was exploring; the world of clowns. Now, in my personal and professional life, images return of the examples I read and of the feelings it provoked in me. They are etched in my heart with a round red fire, helping me to explore and rediscover myself, and the clown in me. I recommend this book wholeheartedly; for the explanations that seem to have read your mind and heard your questions, and for the extremely useful examples plucked from Caroline’s long experience as a clown trainer. This is a great book for anyone who wants to know themselves more deeply and truthfully. For all clowns. Thank you, Caroline.
Nuria Mestre Madrid – September 2014 (

“Very instructive, it’s really helping me in my training to become a clown. I’m learning a lot from the book; strengthening things I already knew and clarifying a lot of my doubts. 100% recommendable.”
Marco Antonio Rosadio Bendezu, Perú

“This is a great book! Full of lessons expressed with love, sensitivity and understanding. I bought it a year ago and have still not shelved it. I read it over and over and always find something I missed; a new way of perceiving things, or a phrase to I take with me and continue exploring wherever I go.”
Paloma Santaella, Colombia

“An excellent book….only it is not about the clown, but about life and personal growth.”
Mario Morales Rodriguez, Costa Rica

“I love this book. It is very specific about the things that will help those of us who are just beginning to find our clown.”
Maria Del Mar Triana Cardona, Colombia

“A must read that enables us to connect to our authentic clown.”
Veronica Ibañez Macià, Spain

“An excellent book which helps you understand the art of being a clown. With very useful material and full of great suggestions. Wonderful!!”
Anna Allize Guzman, Spain

“Reading it was like taking an inner journey. It grabbed me from start to finnish.”
David Montalvo, Mexico

“An authentic gem. Those who expect to find within it’s pages a ‘good clowning manual’ full of clichés, refrain from buying it.”
Antonio Alkantara, Spain

What the professionals said
about «Clownyourself»


Pepe Viyuela review of the book The Clown In youBecoming a clown requires long years in the “searching process” with no guarantee of ever arriving. This book is helpful to anyone who wants to meet their own ridiculousness in a deeply relaxing way.
Gardi Hutter

Nola Rae review of the book The Clown In youRecommendable and tasty food to nourish clown thought.
Nola Rae | Clown (UK)

Frase Hooper review of the book The Clown In youThere are now more clown books than ever before but it is rare to find one that so clearly details fundamental tools to practise the craft. It is a brilliant guide, packed full of great exercises and wonderful classroom examples that are laugh out loud funny. I loved it.
Fraser Hooper | Clown (UK, New Zealand)

Hilary Chaplain review of the book The Clown In youCaroline’s second book is a masterful exploration into what it means to be a clown for both the practitioner and the teacher. Her vast knowledge and understanding of the enormous variety of clown routines and character, and her ability to describe them, makes this book a fascinating read. An inspirational guide!
Hilary Chaplain | Clown (USA)

Tortell Poltrona review of the book The Clown In you«Clown Yourself» contains wise advice shaped over many years of experience, as well as exercises and games that will help you walk the long and complex path that you will have to take to become a clown. Have a good trip!
Tortell Poltrona | Clown, Founder of Circ Cric & Payasos sin Fronteras (Spain)

Wendy Ramos review of the book The Clown In youThis book is a gem. It has everything a clown student needs: ideas, images, exercises, secrets. It also has what every clown teacher will treasure: a battery of exercises, valuable information and helpful tips.
Wendy Ramos | Clown, actor, facilitator (Lima, Peru)

Pepe Viyuela review of the book The Clown In you This book is a wonderful toolbox for building paradise. A masterful compendium of reflections, personal experiences and useful exercises. A necessary reference book for those of us who have undertaken the journey into the clown universe, and for all those who wish to undertake the clown adventure. Absolutely recommended.
Pepe Viyuela / Clown, actor (Spain)

Alain Vigneau review of the book The Clown In youA real shortcut to an exhaustive understanding of the art of clowning. Entertaining and well documented, it is a condensed reading of concrete truths of easy application that I absolutely recommend.
Alain Vigneau | Clown, facilitator, therapist (France/Spain)

Aziz Gual review of the book The Clown In you“Clown Yourself” is an extraordinary journey through elemental human poetics, the dance of happiness and the play of emotions. Its pages are an invitation to live and feel the world in huge shoes. A guide to being free.
Aziz Gual | Clown (Mexico)

Jordi Martinez review of the book The Clown In you«Clown Yourself» is a guide, a manual, a bible without taboos, without dogmas; a meticulous and exhaustive study on the art of clowning which will help you dance in chaos by building bridges between you and everyone else.
Jordi Martinez | Clown, actor (Spain)

Fiorella Gambini review of the book The Clown In you
This book is a display of generosity as it is jam-packed with clown wisdom. Reading it transported me to her classroom where she explains, with deep simplicity, each exercise, each experience. It makes you feel as if you are there, live and in person. It is a necessity for all those curious to go deeper into the world of the red nose, an invitation to throw oneself into every game with freedom and pleasure!
Fiorella Gambini | Clown, Founder of «La Vecindad» clown school (Lima, Peru)