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This book is for everyone.

Clown and theatre students, professional clowns, voluntary hospital clowns, clown teachers, comedians, actors, circus artists, laughter therapists, anyone interested in clowns or clowning, anyone attracted to the idea of improving their physical, emotional, spiritual or mental health through comedy and laughter, and anyone looking to learn new skills to enhance their social or professional success.

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There are, as yet, few books that have been published on the art of clowning and fewer still that speak directly to the techniques and principles invThe Clown In You is the first book to reveal the new clown pedagogy that is being taught in Europe. It presents a vitally new approach that differs from the old model, developed by the French clown masters Lecoq and Gaulier, and the pedagogical techniques of other published authors.

Caroline has worked with clowning from the inside out and the outside in.  She writes from the perspective of a life spent investigating her art, both as a professional clown and as an international clown teacher.

Clowning has been her life’s work, but it is not the only thing she’s done. She’s also been a dedicated student of human happiness. To find answers she has searched both high and low; experienced and experimented. She has also read extensively, bridging both the great traditions and modern day visionaries; from spiritual and religious texts to the most down-to-earth self-help guide books.

Her personal exploration has therefore bridged two continents; clown and personal transformation. And because she’s been a passionate disciple of both, she has become aware of how much common ground they share. In many areas they overlap, nourish and support each other. This is what makes her book unique. Many readers of the Spanish edition have commented that the book has helped them develop their clowns and evolve as human beings. Andrés Aguilar (Ringling Bros. clown 1996-98):“This book is a shortcut to your inner clown, a seductive invitation to joy and freedom, a lodestar for highly effective human development.”

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